09 October 2006

They love fruitcake!!

Next fruitcake(s) on the agenda are The Swiss Colony. They own the URL Ilovefruitcake.com. When I googled fruitcake, that site came up as a Google ad. I clicked it and got a page not found error. I think this does not bode well for their fruitcake. Still, the site is cute, although very small. They have a few t-shirts, some kind of group you can sign up for (I just did, but have no clue what I'll be getting), and even an "ask the fruitcake expert" link. I'll need to try that, because the "expert" runs the bakery there so, if he (Art Barsch) indeed is who he is described as being, he could give some great information on the fruitcake creation process.

I ordered the fruitcake medley, which includes three different types of fruitcakes: the original, macadamia nut, and Butter Rum. It does not include the chocolate fruitcake. The idea of a chocolate fruitcake turns my stomach, but I will reserve judgement until such time that I actually get to taste it--after all, how does that differ from the Fraters that I was so interested in trying?

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