25 May 2015

On Hiatus

Hi all -- last time I posted was back in January and you see it's already May. I created this blog back in 2005 to address all of the fruitcake hate out there. Since then I've taken an incredibly fun, alcohol- and calorie-enhanced journey through the fruitcakes out there for purchase--good, bad, excellent and horrible.

Ten years is a long time and I think I've fallen prey to the short attention span that Facebook and Twitter have inspired. For whatever reason I just can't bring myself to post long posts about fruitcake anymore--or maybe I've simply just eaten most of them, and there are fewer fruitcakes to write about!

For whatever reason, I'm not going to mince words anymore--this blog is on hiatus. You can continue to find me on the Mondo Fruitcake Facebook page, and I've been storing recipes, etc., on a Mondo Fruitcake Pinterest page, as well.

Thanks to everyone who's taken the journey with me. I have met that silent minority of people who truly love and appreciate the fruitcake, and they are fantastic people to know. I'm honored to stand among them.

I feel, in a way, as if I'm shutting down this blog right at the time when fruitcake will begin to become appreciated again. There are so many craft and artisanally made foods nowadays--I would not be at all surprised if fruitcake made a resurgence. I have personally tasted many home-made fruitcakes, from many of you, that could proudly stand as evidence of the deliciousness of the product.

So I won't say I'm "shutting down" the blog. But it's definitely on hiatus. Certainly people come here to look for reviews of fruitcakes, and I continue to stand by my reviews. You may continue to see posts about home-made fruitcakes I've tasted or made, since I've learned through this journey that that's truly the best.

Thanks all!!