About Mondo Fruitcake

My name is Isabelle. I started this blog because of the lingering frustration that I have with the state of this nation's attitude toward fruitcake.

Since I was a little girl, I've always liked fruitcake. Perhaps I should amend that: a specific fruitcake--the fruitcake of the Gethsemani monks in Trappist, Kentucky. I've grown up with it, and even now look forward to getting it as a gift from my mom every Christmas.

What I've found, as I review different fruitcakes, is that there are a whole lot of good fruitcakes out there. There are also a whole bunch of duds.

And might I add, there are a whole lot of fruitcake lovers out there, too. So welcome, fellow fruitcake-lovers--this is a disparaging-fruitcake-comment-free zone (except when reviewing bad fruitcakes).


You can reach me at mondo.fruitcake at gmail.com. All comments are viewed and answered, as well as most e-mails!