27 June 2007

Coming soon . . . the latest fruitcake

. . . and, hands down, one of my favorite fruitcake-related photos on the web. Really, how can one resist buying a fruitcake from a group of monks that show, on their website, a picture of them literally injecting the fruitcakes with booze? It seems a bit naughty. Fruitcake doping.

Review to come soon. In the mean time, please, visit the other crazy cranks on the Web who have single-minded food blogs. Over to your right are links to other wonderfully monomaniacal blogs like this one.

Check me out at my new, easier-to-pronounce URL!

I've saved everyone a couple of keyboard strokes and myself the tedium and, frankly, embarrassment of referring to my long, standard blog URL.

Unveiling the new, shorter way to get to this blog--simply type http://www.mondofruitcake.com/. Enjoy!