17 October 2006

Gee, I wasn't the first person to have a fruitcake blog

Imagine that (jaded sigh, insouciant drag from a long dangling cigarette, bored look), I wasn't the first to come up with something. I am the queen of mediocrity, it seems. Another fruitcake blog exists and existed before me. And it actually is pretty good--I learned a thing or two, particularly the idea that there are two main types of fruitcake (see link below).

The Fruitcake Zone: What Exactly Are We Talking About?

Having known this before, perhaps I would have given the Collin Street fruitcake a better review. Or maybe not. Perhaps I'm just not as keen on the lighter type of fruitcake.

I'm definitely learning more about fruitcakes as I try each one. In hindsight, although the Collin street cake is still not my favorite, it still is a very nice cake made with ingredients that are (mostly) of fine quality.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, but that other blog hasn't been updated since November 2005, so you're the only active fruitcake blog.