23 October 2006

Cryer Creek = Collin Street

I recently received a brochure from Cryer Creek Kitchens. With angst I turned the page to see that they, also have a fruitcake. Really, people, this is a fruitcake blog and all, but fruitcake is kind of RICH and I already have a long list to cover before the holidays are upon us. Now another one was on my doorstep?

I learned upon further perusal that Cryer Creek Kitchens is another brand of Collin Street, whose fruitcake I reviewed here. Ever the investigative reporter, I got positive confirmation from their customer service that "The Fruitcake is the same, as they are prepared at the same Bakery." (capitalizations theirs)

I don't understand why they have two different brands--customer service didn't go into that. They seem to have quite an overlap between products, and I'm assuming much if not all is prepared at Collin Street. I'm not a marketing person, so I won't presume to guess. But rest assured, people, that you need not purchase one fruitcake from both places. They are Both from the Same Place.

P.S. I received the Swiss Colony fruitcakes, and I'm so surprised and excited to share the unusual ingredients I found in them--they're good, and good FOR you!! Review to come soon.


Anonymous said...

I love the capitalization. It made me Chuckle.

Helga said...

Last week I placed an order for Cryer Creek Apricot pecan fruitcakes as I have always done for the past 4-5 years. Their Apricot pecan fruitcake is to die for. I always order 5+ during the holidays and have given them to friends who enjoed them also.

When my cakes came in this year they were in a tin that stated "Apricot Pecan" fruitcake and Cryer Creek. The picture on the top of the tin looked exactly like the cakes from the previous years. Wonderful large slices of apricot, large pecans, no cherries, etc. And very, very litle cake. However I did notice on the bottom of the tin "Collin Street" which had me confused.

I have tried the Collin Street fruitcakes before but never liked them.

When I opened the tin there were the little pecans like Collin Street cakes, when I sliced the cake, there was all this cake batter, couldn't even recognize the apricots and there was all this other stuff in it. It certainly wasn't the Cryer Creek Apricot pecan cake. I am so disappointed. I am sending these cakes back to Collin Street.

I asked a customer service person at Collin Street how long where Cryer Creek and Collin Street one company. She tried to tell me that had been like that for many years. NOT TRUE!!

My holidays were never be the same without the Cryer Creek Apricot Pecan fruitcake!!!

Isabelle said...

Helga, I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm not sure what to say, but as you see, I had found out that Cryer Creek is the same as Collin street a while back. It sounds like they may have completely changed the formula of your cake. Sorry to hear about it. Your comment certainly doesn't make me want to go back and review ANY Collin Street fruit cake of any kind.

Anonymous said...

detatI received a Blueberry Shortbread this morning. It looks wonderful!
PROBLEM - I do not have a clue who sent it. I have searched every inch of the container in which it was sent. There is no indication anywhere of the sender. Could it have been the Shortbread fairy?