13 November 2010

Alabama Fruitcake

Just received correspondence from a reader who is selling fruitcakes baked from a family recipe that he is selling in small batches. I have my list of fruitcakes pretty defined for a couple of weeks at the least (really, how much fruitcake can one girl eat? I have 2 on the way), but I just checked out his website and it looks interesting. I can't speak at all for this fruitcake but thought I'd pass it along if anyone wants to check Alabama Fruitcake out.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I bought this fruitcake last year mainly since you mentioned that it was an old family recipe. The owner was very friendly and helpful on the phone. I loved this cake. It is slightly on the sweet side but it was very moist and soft. It had a good balance of fruit and pecans to cake and the pecans and fruits were of good quality. I have been following your blog for a few years and have been ordering 1 or 2 cakes per year working my way down your list. I haven't yet ordered the same cake twice until I've tried all the cakes on the list. That is until this one, I just placed my order today. I recommend this cake.

Isabelle said...

Joseph, thank you very much. I mean to put this one on my list of cakes to review as well! Thanks!