04 November 2010

Cabela's fruitcake?

Seems a little weird that Cabela's, the outdoor store, has a fruitcake, but indeed they do. However, allow me to do a little detective work on this. Hmmm, Grandma's fruitcake. From a 1917 recipe? Since they're not specifying exactly whose Grandma they're talking about, I would say that this is the Grandma from which they are getting their fruitcakes. If you look at the photo on the Cabela's page and the one from my review, you'll see that they look very similar.

I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with Cabela's selling a mass-produced fruitcake--certainly I don't expect Cabela's to be busy baking fruitcakes during the holiday season. This is just a cautionary message to all:  it's probably best to buy your fruitcakes from a trustworthy source, not from the same place you'd buy ammunition.


Anonymous said...

At least Cabela's doesn't strongly imply (like the "Sisters Sweet Shoppe") that this cake is their own product! Amazing how many retailers out there handle Beatrice' "Grandma's."

Isabelle said...

Agreed, agreed--those sisters are a bit eerie and they're definitely a front for the Big Fruitcake Conglomerate!