30 October 2010

Next up: College of the Ozarks fruitcake

A reader had alerted me to this fruitcake last year and I had mentioned it then but didn't get to it. I think it's about time I got around to it. They actually have an interesting list of other products they sell, and I'm sorely tempted to try the summer sausage as well as some of the corn-meal. So I'll be ordering this one soon!

Just plotting out my next fruitcakes for the holiday season. I've already reviewed an "other" fruitcake, and since College of the Ozarks is in Missouri, that will qualify (sort of) as a "southern" fruitcake--though of course I'll determine that when I taste it. I shudder to think of which mass-produced I'll be reviewing, but have been considering the Costco fruitcake, recommended by some readers.

Finally, I may just be beginning to run out of monastery fruitcakes, but there's one I haven't done yet: the Genesee abbey in New York. Their fruitcake looks fine, and is available from their site as well as the Monastery Greetings site.

So all that should keep me busy!


Anonymous said...

I'll be in range of a Wegman's when I visit Baltimore at Thanksgiving. Think that McElveen cake is worth a try? Maybe the one with beer?

Isabelle said...

The Irish fruitcake is really more like a teacake or quick bread. Try it if you're in the mood for that type of cake, and definitely get the one with stout if you're going to buy any of them.