14 November 2009

College of the Ozarks fruitcake

Hi - a reader alerted me to the fruitcake and other products produced by the students of College of the Ozarks located in Missouri. Interesting premise for this college: every student works to pay their way through the school. It's a Christian college that has been described as "stone cold sober" by the Princeton Review, so I'm guessing I won't find any alcohol-soaked cakes, but it looks like an interesting fruitcake to check out, so I'll add it to my list. They also offer apple butters, grits, etc.


Steve in Israel said...

Okay, Isabelle, I'm running behind you. I've just this hour popped the top on my vacuum-packed Womble's cake from the Georgia Fruitcake Company. You said you missed the lovely whoosh and smell of coffee. I missed the whoosh, but loved the smell of this cake. I knew I was going to like the cake, just from the aroma. You compared its batter and overall taste to Gethsemani, and I agree. In fact, these Baptists (from the enclosed circular they don't look contemplative, and they ARE in southern Georgia, so I guess they must be Baptists) may have done the monastics one better. I cut this cake the way you suggested, dividing it in halves, and then sectioning from one end of the first half. It isn't the prettiest cake, but from all of the cakes you've reviewed that I've tried (that's most of them), I think this is my favorite. I have still to get into the Holy Spirit cake from Conyers, but it will have to go some to beat this cake. Keep up your good work. There may be even more possibilities out in the fruitcake cosmos.

Isabelle said...

Steve, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Your comment is hilarious, and I'm glad you helped me think that no, I'm not going crazy, this actually is a pretty darn good cake.

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to try out that Ozarks fruitcake I recommended to you? That was six months ago. By the time you try it, all the old entertainers I saw in Branson last November will be part of the fruitcake!