08 December 2007

With a bang, not a whimper

I'm jonesing for some fruitcake, so why not go all out? I'm talkin' 'bout Fraters, yo.

Virginia's Holy Cross Abbey, whose fruitcake is rated number three on my list, sells this delicacy. A Frater is a slice of fruitcake covered with chocolate. Ooh, dark chocolate, no less. How grown-up. I ask you, how can this be bad? They describe them as "a gourmand's delight for lovers of fruitcake and chocolate." And since "lovers of fruitcake and chocolate" brings the audience down to about, what, 10 of us, I feel I should support them in this effort.


Anonymous said...

I am a lover of both but not together. Do tell, how things turn out. My own preference if the Gethsemani fruitcake but perhaps because it is most like my grandmother's cake which is, pretty much, the only other fruitcake I've ever eaten.

Your fan,

Isabelle said...

Wooo! Gethsemani Farms REPRESENT!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog--COOL! I make my great-grandmother's fruitcake--it uses molasses, raisins, currants and walnuts (she was a Californio), and I won't use anything but Christian Brothers Brandy to soak it. I keep comparing other fruitcakes to hers--you've inspired me to try dried fruits instead of preserved ones this year. Thanks!
Kathy in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Isabelle, I'm a reporter at the Sacramento Bee writing about fruitcakes. What's the best way to reach you today, Dec. 18? Let me know. Thanks much. gkim@sacbee.com