17 December 2007

Review: Holy Cross Abbey Fraters

These things are good.

I realize a lot of people, already horrified by fruitcake, would be terrified at the idea of chocolate-covered fruitcake. Even I thought it might be a bit much. Well, gosh darn it--these are really delicious.

Fraters cost $17 for six slices. Look how pretty the box looks:

And they're individually wrapped in a most elegant way:

(Excuse the plastic wrap but I had just wolfed a slice down and didn't feel like opening another, because, of course, I would have felt compelled to eat it immediately).

First, you start with a good fruitcake. I've already reviewed this fruitcake before and really like it. The chocolate is a nice thick layer of dark chocolate, supplied by a local confectionery.

The flavor of this is very much like a dark fruit and nut chocolate. The whole presentation, really, is more like a box of chocolates than a fruitcake. This might be a good way to get your fruitcake-hater friends hooked. Or if you don't want a whole fruitcake, six slices of decadence like this could be just enough.

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