11 December 2007

A Fruitcake Primer

For those of you unsure about fruitcake in general, or perhaps wanting to make one yourself, Start Cooking has a nice little primer about buying and making fruitcake. Yeah, okay, item #5 points you to this blog--that's how I found it. But the whole post is great--I wish I had had such a nice roadmap before I entered the great big fruitcake forest.

Don't look to me to start baking them anytime soon. First, I have at least five more to review, with more added almost daily, lately. And second, having reviewed as many as I have, I know what things can go wrong. No thanks--all I'll be making regarding fruitcake is an order.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get the recipe for the Christmas cake featured here:

I salivate just looking at that picture !!! If you ever get the recipe, pass it along to me, I'll make it myself.

bluefugate said...

A snippet of fruitcake rhapsody:


Isabelle said...

Hi Brian, unfortunately my boss, who made that cake, is no longer my boss . . . and he has left the country, taking his recipe with him.
::sigh:: I miss that cake. I think you could probably find something similar looking for Christmas cake or something similar.