19 November 2011

Update on Mary of Puddin Hill

They are, then they are not. A reader had mentioned a while ago that she had received word that Mary of Puddin Hill might be closing. However, their site is still around.

I e-mailed their customer service to see if I could find out more, but my e-mail bounced. Sometimes some companies just aren't as on top of their Internet traffic as others, but still. Does anyone have any updates?


Anonymous said...

They are closed. They sent out several emails in the months leading up to shutting their doors. I believe a bigger, more industrialized factory of a competitor was built fairly close by and they decided that they could not afford to keep pace, so they've closed shop.

Isabelle said...

Thanks Erica. Seems weird and a bit dastardly that they would leave their website up. Maybe selling off thenrest of their inventory?