22 November 2009

All the pretty catalogs

It's that time.

Aren't they pretty? I've gotten at least one catalog from each of the companies I've purchase fruitcake from. Roughly clockwise from lower left, Holy Cross abbey, Collin Street (just part of the big sheaf of papers they sent me), a very low-budget Assumption abbey, the Sisters Sweet Shoppe in Columbus (aka Grandma's bake shoppe), Southern Supreme, and Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. Not showing is the Wisconsin Cheeseman one I received after this photo was taken. And I'm sure I received a couple Gethsemani, but must have tossed those. I do dearly love going through catalogs. Everything seems so new and exciting!! I have to say I would still consider buying something from the Wisconsin Cheeseman, as long as its not fruitcake. They didn't seem to be plugging it too much--only had one meager entry about the fruitcake, and another entry about some fruitcake cookies. But the cheeses look pretty good--I guess I've lived close enough to Wisconsin for long enough that I can always appreciate a big tub of cheese spread.


Arabophile said...

Don't you think there's sort of an inverse proportion between the looks of a fruit cake and the way it tastes? I was in Harry and David's today, and they have a beautiful cake, but I bet you it doesn't taste as good as one of the monastery cakes. (I didn't buy it, 'cause it was way too expensive.) Whadya think? You ought to run a comparsion of all the cakes you've tried, best looking to worst, and then ask which you thought tasted the best!

Isabelle said...

Arabophile, you have a good point, and that could be an interesting post. I think that there are many not so fabulous looking cakes that taste great--but I've also run into some that weren't gorgeous, and didn't taste gorgeous, either.

Take No Prisoners said...

Every one of these monasteries is some sort of Eastern transcendental Greenie weirdo group about as far from faithful Catholic as it gets. Do not buy.