09 November 2007

Stranger than Fruitcake

I've been getting A LOT of food catalogs. Go figure, huh? All those companies from whom I've ordered fruitcake have now got me on their lists--I've gotten at least five fruitcake catalogs. But I've started to receive other food catalogs as well--rather interesting, because I always like looking at food. Oranges, King Arthur flour, etc. But the strangest one yet is the Wolferman's catalog. Maybe this is a thing in Kansas City, where they say they got their start, but I'd never heard of them. Ready? English muffin gift baskets.

They have a bit of a history--I guess the Wolferman English muffin is slightly larger than a regular one. They also make a few other carbs, like tea breads and coffee cakes.

I've never, ever heard of this before, but actually, sounds like it'd be a great thing. I think I'd be quite happy to receive a pile of breakfast carbs.


Anonymous said...

Wolfermann's sounds great. I want to try their unusual breads like, Povitica

I can't live on fruitcake alone, sometimes a girl might need to grab some Cream Cheese Bread!

Anonymous said...

They are the best. We have been buying them for the last 40 years. They are heaven right out of the toaster with a little butter and jam.

Judy1111 said...

Wolferman's has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced.

Trying to actually place an order through this company is impossible if you want the free shipping that they lie about on the front page of the catalog. When I called the customer service number, I got "Chris," who was chewing on a hard piece of candy in my ear. When I explained to him that I entered my "M" number from the back of the catalog into their Web site, and I ordered more than the $55 minimum to receive the free shipping, AND it was before the Dec. 16, 2007 deadline, yet I still wasn't given free shipping, he only said, "I have no other information from my supervisor to give you," and then chomped on his candy.

When I indicated that I would be calling their corporate office to complain about him, all he did was laugh and hang up.

There are millions of other catalogs arriving on my doorstep every day, so laugh about that Wolferman's!

I'm on a mission to post bad blogs about this company everywhere I see its name.

MrTractor said...

Thanks for the wonderful info.