09 September 2007

Right On, Fruitcake Lovers.

As I ordered the latest fruitcake and scanned the list of those yet to be reviewed, I mused upon the following question: why are there so many companies creating fruitcakes if everyone says they hate fruitcake? These companies certainly wouldn’t continue to sell fruitcakes if no one were buying them.

So why, then? Because there’s a silent majority of fruitcake lovers out there.

It’s a clandestine group who keep themselves to themselves, sort of like AA, or the Masons. Trust me--I’ve come upon these secret fruitcake-aficionados. When they hear I have a fruitcake blog, or they see me with my latest fruitcake purchase, they look me deeply in the eyes, searching for irony. Is she joking? Is she another one of those fruitcake haters who’s going to use that fruitcake as the punch line to yet another hackneyed joke? But then they see the unironic sparkling happiness in my eyes and realize that they’ve found a fellow fruitcake lover. They continue their reserved amazement for a few moments but my babbling chatter about the different types of fruitcakes I’ve encountered warms them and soon they’re describing their favorite fruitcake from childhood, or sharing how they got hooked and why it’s a tradition in their family.

So, fellow fruitcake lovers, do not feel overburdened by the responsibility of representing for the fruitcake. Let the weight rest gently on your shoulders, for there is a large but silent group of fellow fruitcake lovers out there who support you.

(And many of them read this blog and post great comments. I’ve picked up a lot of good information from them, as well as a laundry list of other fruitcakes that should keep me in business for another couple years.)


Maman said...

I will stand up for my love of the fruitcake! I even make them! HA!

Anonymous said...

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Fruit cake lovers , love them.

Anonymous said...

Very courageous, indeed, to risk the slings and arrows of the un-fruitcaked. BTW, since your palate leans towards the boozy, dark varieties....have you considered doing a little "doctoring" yourself? That is, buying a fruitcake you like but that lacks liquor and then adding it? It you start a month or so before Christmas, you can add your choice of brandy,etc. and let it age to perfection for Xmas eve. Since any alcohol added before baking will cook off, adding liquor during the aging process is the only way to really get a "boozy" result. Works wonders with cakes that are "too sweet" but otherwise contain good ingredients.

Anonymous said...

MONDO FRUITCAKE! I do a little podcast about food called "Munchcast" and this week we will be featuring Fruitcake. Would you be available for an interview aroun 3:00pm Pacific Time?