17 July 2007

The best chocolate evah

Here in Chicago and, I believe, making their way across the US, is a chocolatier called Vosges--"Haut Chocolat." They have lovely chocolate. Lovely, expensive chocolate. The last time I bought a box--and it was for giving, no way would I purchase for myself--a box of 16 cost me $40. They were absolutely delicious--exotic, bizarre collections of flavors I would have never expected but were addictive once I tried them.

About a year ago, I was pointed in the direction (by a friend who owns the Hop Leaf bar here in Chicago) of a Madison, Wisconsin chocolatier by the name Gail Ambrosius. I hesitate to say that she's "just as good" because that seems to be discounting her chocolates in some way. Her chocolates are exotic, wonderfully fresh, delicious little chunks of heaven. But get this--24 chocolates for the same price I paid for 16. That's 8 more pieces of lovely, people. I strongly recommend that you check her out. Her chocolates are available at two locations in Chicago as well as all over Madison, and of course, she does mail order. I don't know how much they mark her chocolates up in Chicago--but heck, Madison's only a four hour drive away . . .

Yup, nothing about fruitcake here, and I'm really not a big chocolate person, but she's just really great.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really tasty. I hope they come over here to Ireland (they'd go great with my coffee in the mornign, after my rashers and eggs!)


Cant Sit Still said...

I can personally attest, living one block away from Gail Ambrosius' kitchen that hers are the best. She is magical.

Order some today. Yes, indeed, drive to Madison.

We have tried other chocolates...all in the name of research, mind you, and none compare. Anywhere.

Our favorites:
Homemade caramel with sea salt.
Lucille's vanilla.

Glad you found it!

Suzanne said...

Hi Isabelle! I can't say I am a huge fruitcake fan except for the metaphorical ones, but I do love chocolate. We have a Vosag in NYC, too. Someday, I will have to try it. I did eat a truffle thing once at Ethel's at 900 N. Michigan, and it was tasty. (This is a random comment, I know.)