22 December 2006

Come waste your time with me!

Just what you need at the holiday season is a place to waste time. And I'm here to help! Advertising Age has listed this blog as number three on its 10 Great Time-Wasting Websites. Though personally, I recommend number one, Will it Blend?

And with great humility I admit that I hadn't figured out how to moderate comments until this morning. Thanks, everyone who has posted, for great comments containing a lot of wisdom, and also a lot of (sigh) fruitcake websites. At least I know what I'll be doing in 2007 (and 2008) . . . eating more fruitcake.


Anonymous said...


Just thought you might like this. Great site, by the way. I, too, love fruitcake.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, got cut off.

Anonymous said...

So, Isabelle, I read your comment on my post. Are you actually offering me the remains of some fruitcakes? If so, that's a very generous offer. However, I suspect you were more bemoaning the fact that you're running out of room in your freezer. If that's the case, I understand. If I had SEVEN fruitcake remnants in MY freezer, well...

No, skip that. There are never any remnants when I get a fruitcake :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hello Isabelle! Merry Christmas (late) Happy New Year (early)
Hope you got some awesome fruitcakes for the holidays!
Do you have a MySpace because youre too cool for words!