16 December 2006

Swiss Colony has great customer service

I learned this inadvertently by sending a nastygram to what I thought was an autosubscribe e-mail address. A few months ago, I had subscribed to Swiss Colony's I love fruitcake e-mail subscription service, which up until recently had sent me nothing (no responses to my e-mail to the Friendly Fruitcake Expert, either. He may know fruitcake, but he's none too friendly). So as I unsubscribed, I wrote an e-mail back that I normally wouldn't write: "Your fruitcake is crap." If I had known I was writing to customer service, I would have caged this terse yet accurate assessment in more polite language.

In any case, a short time later I received an e-mail from Swiss Colony's customer service department telling me that they were crediting my account by the cost of the fruitcake (less shipping, I think).

So thanks, Swiss Colony--I still think your fruitcake is crap, but I must admit I've had a fascination from childhood with your gift baskets.

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