04 December 2013

The dynamic vicissitudes of the fruitcake business

An alert reader brought to my attention that when you attempt to go to the Georgia Fruitcake Company's website, it no longer exists. I am assuming (but am absolutely not positive) that the company doesn't exist, but I haven't checked this. Anyone have any updates?

On the good side, however, Mary of Puddin Hill is back in business, so I have done the swaperoo on my favorite southern fruitcake in the fruitcake ratings and in the sidebar, listing Georgia Fruitcake (RIP) at the bottom of the Southern-style fruitcakes and pushing Mary of Puddin Hill back up to the top.

In other news, I have received the June Taylor fruitcake for review, which I will do once I finish eating all of the fruitcake from the tasting, so perhaps by this weekend. I have been enjoying delicious homemade fruitcake every morning this week (and sometimes in the evening, too). This is not doing good things to my waistline, but doing wonderful things to my sense of well-being.

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