14 November 2013

Happy Fruitcake Season!

Yes, I'm ashamed, I have been very lax with my fruitcake posting. I didn't even get around to posting about the taste of the King Arthur fruitcakes! Well I can sum that up pretty quickly--meh. The King Arthur cakes were perfectly adequate, but really more like a cake with fruit in it than the more rich, heavy fruitcakes (which I prefer and which I feel better define what a fruitcake is). I would liken it to the College of the Ozarks cake, except, of course, that I drenched mine in bourbon or cognac.

The good news is that my friend is having yet another fruitcake tasting, but this time, mostly home-baked fruitcakes. That will be happening over Thanksgiving weekend, so I'll be sure to post the results here (and links/fruitcake recipe resources, of course).

And I continue with MY personal commitment to--not bake a fruitcake. Instead, I have ordered the other incredibly-expensive-small-fruitcake-from-the-West-coast, the June Taylor Christmas Cake. Sounds delicious, and, SIXTY-NINE DOLLARS LATER (that includes $15 shipping to the middle of the country), one is on its way to me.

And so let fruitcake season 2013 begin!

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