01 July 2012

Next fruitcake: Transfiguration New Skete

I have finally committed to the next fruitcake, which will be from the Transfiguration New Skete Monastery near Traverse City, Michigan. I couldn't decide between the cakes that they offer, so splurged on Gift Box 1, which includes their traditional fruitcake and the Ginger Walnut cake. I'll letcha know what I find out!


Brian said...

Isabelle, the cakes you're getting have an unusual lack of fruit in them. The Abbey Cake has only dark raisins, and the Walnut Ginger Cake has only golden raisins and candied ginger. I think I'll try their dried Fruit Cake, which has an abundance of fruit but also, unfortunately, the dreaded prunes.

Isabelle said...

Brian, interesting observation. We'll see how they are. I didn't notice the dried fruit cake; good to know.