23 December 2010

Thoughtful, Detailed, and Intelligent....

That's me. At least that's what the Wall Street Journal says. The Wall Street Journal, by the way, are completely my fruitcake homies. They often publish nice articles about fruitcake. This article is not really one of them--you have to wade through the usual fruitcake jokes, etc. to get to mention of me. But I gotta say, the Fred Schneider song about fruitcake, although annoying, is pretty cute in that B-52's sort of way.

Hey, by the way, just got the loveliest surprise ever -- mini-fruitcakes, a Dundee cake, and a stollen from the woman who makes the best home made fruitcakes ever, Veda.

Christmas will be great. To all a great fruitcake!

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Anonymous said...

Here is the email that I sent to Holy Cross Abbey in Virginia, purveyors of the little-known chocolate-covered fruitcake "Fraters": Brothers, your chocolate-robed fruitcake slices, aka “Fraters,” are possibly the most indulgent dessert I have ever tasted. Comparing the fruitcake within the Fraters with that which I have ordered from the Abbey in the past, however, I found the cake to be a bit dry. It may be that the slices were permitted to sit too long before the chocolate coating was applied. Just for your information, however. My Fraters were nonetheless quite tasty. Looking forward to re-ordering next Christmas!