30 September 2010

Been a while, eh?

So it's been a darn long time since I last posted, n'est-ce pas? I apologize. I have to admit that after the last fruitcake season, I was just flat out burned out. There's only so much fruitcake you can eat, and keep in mind I've been doing this nigh on five years. And those five years have taken their toll on my waistline.

So I've gotten the waistline, at least, under control, and I think I can see my way through integrating the errant slice of fruitcake into my diet. So it's time to slowly re-introduce it and see how it goes . . .

Meanwhile, I have done a huge disservice to Veda, who sent me gorgeous fruitcakes and the recipes, and I haven't posted. But maybe this is, on the contrary, a positive thing. Frankly, who wants to think about fruitcake in March? But now the trees are turning, the pumpkins are coming out, and people are beginning to think of dark spices and lots o' carbohydrates.

It's Fruitcake Season.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I'm a fruitcake fan since I was a little girl growing up in the Philippines. When my siblings and I migrated to the States 20 some years ago, we were surprised by the bad rep that fruitcake has in this country! Anyhoo I discovered your blog a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with my 3rd child and had a hankering for fruitcake. The Abbey fruitcake was just like the ones we used to have in Manila.

I'm now ready to try the Gethsemane fruitcake. But where to buy the Veda fruitcake you just wrote about? I'm googling and coming up with nada.

Keep up the good work! I agree, now that it's fall, it's time for some fruitcake :-)