16 December 2009

White fruitcake recipe with applesauce in it?

I received an e-mail lately where the reader reminisces about a recipe for a white fruitcake of his/her grandma, which contained applesauce. Seeing as I don't actually make my own fruitcake, I can't help, but if anyone of my readers knows a recipe or knows where this reader might go to find one, please put your information in the comments. Thanks!


Filange said...

Isabelle, do you know anyone who has made Alton Brown's "Free-Range Fruitcake"? The recipe is on the Food Network website. it looks really expensive, and really hard to make. In Alton's usual style, he suggests when you give this fruitcake as a gift, remind the receiver that "they are very lucky indeed."

Isabelle said...

Hi Filange, when I was interviewed by Munchcast, Cami, one of the hosts, had just finished making the free-range fruitcake, and I think she would agree that anyone receiving it was "very lucky indeed" --she said it cost A LOT of money to purchase all the raw ingredients to make it! I don't remember her saying it was hard to make, but I'm sure that making any fruitcake is an investment in time. You can see more about it here--take the link over to listen to the podcast.

Mondo Fruitcake: Podcast on fruitcake