04 December 2009

A good fruitcake review article

A website named Consumersearch has just updated (as of November) a very complete article comparing various reviews of fruitcake. Yes, it does include this site, but that's because, um, the article is about fruitcake, and not too many people write fruitcake reviews on the interwebs. In any case, I recommend going there because there's nice links to other articles and websites, including my buddies at Wall Street Journal--the dudes like fruitcake.


Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your wonderful fruitcake blog!

Please check out our new Facebook group ... Fruitcake Lovers of the World Unite! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=11704&uid=196760433903#/pages/Fruitcake-Lovers-of-the-World-Unite/196760433903

A few of my Facebook friends decided that the much-maligned fruitcake needed some respect. As fellow fruitcake lovers, we appreciate all the work and research you have done in elevating the fruitcake to the status it deserves!


Isabelle said...

Heidi, please also check out the Mondo Fruitcake facebook page!

Anonymous said...

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