16 May 2009

Yes, I still exist

I am still alive!!! Just took a bit longer hiatus due to actual, you know, work stuff. But my first reviews of the new year will be so exciting . . . guess which one! Guess which one! Clues are in my last couple posts. Look for a new review soon.

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Brian said...

Well, Isabelle, you certainly do still exist. Thank God. I can't find that many clues in your last couple of posts. You're not going to review Glögg, are you ??
I know you're not-so-secretly coveting the fruitcakes made by Robert Lambert, but they're so expensive. $50 for a 1 pound cake. Yikes ! And if you order the dark one, you have to pretend that the word "prunes" isn't included in an otherwise awesome list of ingredients.
I sort of wish you'd review one of more of the cakes offered at Holy Transfiguration Skete. I kind of thought you were going to review them last year before I made the unfortunate suggestion of the fruitcake from Hermitage Big Sur. It wasn't a terrible fruitcake, it simply didn't measure up to the superlatives describing it on the monks' website. Is over-hyping a fruitcake a sin?