30 May 2009

Review: Robert Lambert 1-pound Dark Fruitcake

So here's the dark Robert Lambert fruitcake:

It looks about the same as the white one, but it is, of course, darker. This one looks and tastes much more like a traditional dark fruitcake--there seems to be more cherries than the light one, so when you slice it, it looks more like a traditional cake. It, just like the white one, has lots of stuff in it--figs, dates, and prunes, as well as more exotic peels, like blood orange and bergamot. It also includes both port wine and Jack Daniels.

Flavor, just as the previous one, is good and exotic, but a bit more traditional than the white fruitcake. Just as with the previous, the size of the ingredients in this loaf is a bit off-putting to me. It may be due to the small size of the loaf to begin with, but I really don't like how large the bits are. Plus, as I had mentioned in the Old Cavendish fruitcake review, I dearly love figs, dates, and prunes outside of a cake, but don't really love them inside one.

Just as with the Lambert white fruitcake, you can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients in this cake. This is a very good fruitcake: it's different, a bit exotic, and might be a great one to try if you're trying to find something different in a traditional dark fruitcake--this is a dark fruitcake that goes to 11, as Spinal Tap would say. However, because this one tastes more traditional than the white cake, I would probably purchase a monastery fruitcake over this one--you get more cake for your dollar.

Perhaps I'm jaded because I tried the white fruitcake first, but that one was really something different, and if I had to choose between purchasing one or the other, I'd definitely purchase the white fruitcake.


Roxanne said...

Oh YAY! I'm glad you reviewed the Robert Lambert fruitcakes. Next to my own, they are my favorites :).

Isabelle said...

Yes, they are fabulous!