06 December 2008

Last fruitcake of the season

. . . or is it? I took my own (actually, Gethsemani Farms') advice and bought one more fruitcake before the holidays. This time, I chose a mass-produced one that has what I gather to be a rather cultish following: A&P's Jane Parker fruitcake. Of course I bought the dark version.

If the mention of this elicits joy and fond childhood memories, and you've been wondering where to buy them, click that link--it will take you right there. A quick web search found all kinds of fond memories of these. Well, if you've read this blog at all, you know my feelings about any kind of mass-produced version--that is, those cakes made by a larger, commercial bakery. But once again, I will try this one with an open mind, and certainly with respect for people's fond memories of a fruitcake.

The ones I really want to buy--the ones I've been coveting--are these. So beautiful. So expensive. Has anyone tried those? *sigh*. Ah well. There's always next year.


Anonymous said...

Robert Lambert's fruitcakes are AMAZING. They are very near darn better than mine. I have had the pleasure of receiving a few as gifts from friends who know I am very discerning about fruitcake.

They are definitely worth the 50 bucks. If you do ever buy one, share it with someone special, with a good glass of dessert wine.

Isabelle said...

Roxanne, thank you for your fabulous feedback!! Maybe I'll make someone buy me one for Christmas. It's heartening to know that they taste as good as they look.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Isabelle, did you notice the dark fruitcake of Robert Lambert contains many quality ingredients, however, it also contains...PRUNES...
Hopefully they're cut up into small unobtrusive pieces. I have to say his White Fruitcake, shown cut into slices, doesn't even look appealing to me, although it is at least pruneless. It's just too...white !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Isabelle,
Did anyone (eg, family, loved one, etc.) ever gift you w/ one of Robert Lambert's fruitcakes?

Isabelle said...

Hi Mike, sorry it took a while to get back to you, I'm taking a fruitcake break so am not checking daily. No, sadly, I don't think my friends and family read my blog (ha) or cared enough to buy me a Lambert cake. Guess I'll have to cough up the dough myself next season.