24 April 2007

Hail, anonymous reader

Yup, I'm back in it. Thanks to anonymous reader X, who recommended Southern Supreme fruitcakes out of North Carolina. I thought I'd ease back into the whole fruitcake thing with a gooey, non-alcoholic, southern style cake. I ordered the 1 pound cake--they say it's their best seller. We'll see. Even anonymous reader X agreed that the best cakes are monastery cakes, but I think I'll do the opposite of what I did last year and lead up to the grand finish of a boozy monastery cake. So come on, gang, there's fruitcake to be eaten!!


Anonymous said...

I guess April is a good time for some Bible-belt tea-totalling cake!

Askazombiehousewife said...

While I like my baked goods without booze I found some fruit cake stuff for you;

Organic Fruit cake

Organic fruit cake


Frosted Fruit cake

Low fat

rich fruit cake

Chocolate Fruitcake

Raw fruit cake "No flour"

Graham Cracker fruit cake

Anonymous said...

Southern Supreme is more nutty than gooey. Comes across rather like "wet walnuts" on your chocolate sundae. It was an acquired taste for me. Non-alcoholic or not, I'm addicted. Order a two-pounder next time, and you will be also. "X"

Isabelle said...

Hi, X, hoped you liked the shout out!! Do you feel there's a difference between the 1 and 2 pound? I've had a similar comment from a Claxton lover.

Anonymous said...

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