20 November 2006

'Tis the gladsome fruitcake season!

How quickly it arrives! Here we are, the week before Thanksgiving, when people's thoughts are on food of all kinds but especially the fruitcake. I suppose now I'm going to be competing for the attentions of the fruitcake manufacturers--those who would have been so surprised by my orders back in July, why, now, I'm just another customer to them.

I'll try to get to at least one more fruitcake--I'm thinking the Wisconsin Cheeseman, because up in these here parts of the Midwest it's the time of year to do your volume food buying from the cheese and sausage companies, some of which also sell fruitcake. I tremble in anticipation of the tubers I might find in their recipe.

There are a few other fruitcakes I found by some alternative searching on the web (i.e., stumbling upon them). I truly doubt I will get to them this holiday season--well, there's always next year. I'll include their links in another post.


Anonymous said...

Aloha from Hawai`i!
Glad you are blogging this, it's true, I grew up on excellent fruitcake and have always loved it!

I read your blog and because of it, I ordered some fruitcakes from Gethsemani Farms-- ahh, the power of the blog! I almost ordered from Collin Street Bakery, to try it after a coworker raved about it, but after reading your review, yikes, I would feel exactly the same way (mental note, do not waste good fruitcake on aforementioned coworker).

It will be interesting to compare it to my usual order from the excellent fruitcakes from Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey at: http://www.trappistabbey.org/fruitcake.html#prices

I have introduced some people to this excellent fruitcake and they have said, well, they hated it before but they love THIS kind of fruitcake!

Mahalo, and as we say here, Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)!

Anonymous said...

so, of all you have reviewed-who is your favorite?? I love fruitcake and never get it as a gift so have to buy it for myself. I've been buying Collins street but I'm thinking of the Gethsemani Farms one this year.

Anonymous said...

Growing up my mother was taken with Hickory Farms gift baskets, so for the longest time that was my fruitcake experience. My first adult experience was last year and I became a convert. My first one was from Assumption Abbey:http://www.trappistmonks.com/, have you ever tried that one?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I found a blog dedicated to fruitcake! Has anyone ever tried the "Dearborn Inn Fruitcake" recipe from the early 1980s McCalls Cookbook? I adapt this recipe slightly every year and bake the cake, eating nearly all six glorious pounds of it myself. I'm coming back here...