27 April 2006

Proust's madeleines=my fruitcake

I started this blog because of the lingering frustration that I have with the state of this nation's attitude toward fruitcake.

Since I was a little girl, I've always liked fruitcake. Perhaps I should amend that: a specific fruitcake--the fruitcake of the Gethsemani monks in Trappist, Kentucky. I've grown up with it, and even now look forward to getting it as a gift from my mom every Christmas. (Normally it's given in combination with some of their cheese--mild, Muenster-like, but very smelly).

So the flavor of that fruitcake--bourbony, dense, moist, and redolent of rich spices and fruit--sets me off on what I hope to be a journey through the world of fruitcake at its best.